Noel’s twitter currently reads “Lick my pumps x” o-o

Hi. A long time ago on your blog, an anon submitted a post talking about an unhealthy obsession she has/had ((I’m not sure if she ever got over it)), with Noel. From the moment I read her post I thought “Oh my god…I can relate completely. How embarrassing”. :O  At the time I was too embarrassed to admit I had a problem, but I was staying up all night, not eating, and exhibiting irrational behavior that wasn’t like me at all. I was just so messed up, delusional, and downright obsessed at the time that I would just look at photos over, and over, and over until it was 6 am. I blew off friends and ignored my family, just crazy stuff. It almost made me lose sight of who I was and I ended up losing my job because I stopped going to work. What I’m getting at is if you have an obsession or feel that you are deeply in love with a famous person, make sure your head stays on planet earth and you assess the situation if you start neglecting your health or doing things that aren’t like you. Hopefully no one else here is quite as obsessed as I was…it was pretty pathetic. I’m finally to a point where I appreciate and enjoy the fandom for what it is, and don’t obsess anymore. :) Just thought I would share in the event someone is currently going through a time I was.


a good point nonny.  your love for a celeb (or anyone really) should never come at a detriment to your own well being. 

it’s important to find the balance between head in the clouds and feet on the ground so you can enjoy the things you love without losing the things that matter.  


Don’t expect me to talk ever again


Don’t expect me to talk ever again

You’re super cool Rikki and I love your page! I don’t know why people are being dicks. <3 Just know that most of us who are Noel Fielding fans think you are great! 


Thank you Misty, that’s very sweet xx

gentle and friendly reminder to the fandom to please remember that The Rev from The Howling has politely asked that we not post photos from his wedding.  

He is more than happy to share all his facebook/instagram photos full of him, The Howling and our Noelio, but has asked that we respect the one aspect of his private life that is his wedding. 

I know some didn’t know about that before, so I’m putting this reminder out there now so we can take any down and not put any new ones up. Thanks everyone! 


This is going to be my final post on the matter because it is so ludicrous and encroaching on the none of our business territory, but since I responded to the original post, I’m going to address a few of the anti-Lliana arguments right here made on it right here and now so we can ALL be real frakkin clear.

Lliana is NOT anti-Boosh.  As evidenced by her showing up to the gigs, playing Boosh on her radio show and there being ZERO proof her feeling negatively about the Boosh whatsoever apart from GOSSIP (which WE ALL KNOW better than to trust THAT.)

Lliana and Noel’s relationship is different than Noel and Dee’s but that does NOT make it fake.  They don’t have to be making out in every photo together to see LOVE.  Maybe you don’t see the PASSION, but you don’t need to, you’re not in their relationship.  And again, yes, his relationship with Dee was visibly different but that doesn’t make one relationship greater than/less than the others. PERIOD. 

"Their relationship is just for publicity/show" lol What?!?!? For who? No seriously, in the eyes of the industry, it doesn’t behoove either of them to be in ANY relationship.  Trust me, I’ve heard managers in music and film talk about this shit.  And since they make appearances to shit without each other ALL THE TIME, that’s hardly doing a good job of being together "for show." 

"She tries too hard/takes advantage of Noel/is so fake"  Um… what is she trying so hard to do? Break into acting? Cos she hasn’t been on screen for anything of Noel’s since, what? The Chokes? She does her DJ thing which is HER own thing, something she did with Noel AND Dee and continues to do on her own. Wow, she’s using Noel alright… Has a career of her own that she didn’t need his help to get? *insert Da Fuq face here*

I love too that one of the naysayers actually started their post with “I don’t know anything about Lliana” and then went on about how fake she is.  No, you don’t know anything about her, that’s the only way you’d be able to say that, isn’t it? Because YOU KNOW NOTHING. (jon snow)

and lastly, by insulting her and questioning their relationship, you all DO understand that you are insulting and questioning HIM? Without saying it in words, you are saying that you think he is stupid, fake, and blind.  What a terrible thing to think about someone you claim to love.  

Their relationship is their business and only THEY TWO know what it’s really like.  Petty jealous judgments of it have no bearing in the fandom and I’m tired of seeing it.  This blog… is Pro Dee. Pro Lliana. Pro Paloma, because at the end of the day, this blog is PRO NOEL.  

I trust Noel’s choices and respect them.  Perhaps some of you could start learning to do the same.

someone asked me about it on youtube so i wanna address it here as well in case others are wondering

i will not be putting Doll and Em on youtube. 

HBO is broadcasting it stateside and SkyAtlantic who gets 40% of their programming from HBO is airing it in the UK and I’m quite confident neither of them are as generous as BBC and Channel 4 at allowing people to upload shows.

Further, part of the reason BBC and Channel 4 allow uploads of NMTB and BFQ is because for those outside the UK, that is the only real way to see it. They don’t air stateside and they don’t release on DVD. 

With Doll and Em, they are readily available stateside and in the UK, making the rules much trickier.

In time, I may make a video of just the bits Noel was in but for now, there will be no Doll and Em up on youtube, sorry. 

I’m sure many of you remember I got hit hard last year by trying to do the same thing with Noels appearances on Brand X. FOX does NOT mess around.