Anonymous asked: Hey! Wondering if (you know if) there's a video/interview floating around somewhere in which i might find Noel's quote "When I was 13 I told my dad I’d rather kill myself than do an ordinary job. He vaguely muttered something about how I’d need to earn a living somehow, but he’s been totally behind me, forking out money he didn’t really have to send me to university. Every other comedian I’ve met had to fight their parents to be allowed to do this but mine have been brilliant." ??? Cheers!

I… feel like I always thought this was in a print article…

Anyone else got some dish?

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Remember Sam’s amazing portrait of Noel and Dave?

Now it’s available to buy prints!

in light of what happened this morning, i really do encourage those outside of the UK to email Channel 4 and let them know you’d like to see LuxCom be made more available outside the UK

Don’t yell or cuss at them, this isn’t about threatening them

This is about showing them how HUGE the Noel fanbase is so that, even if it’s not me bringing it to ya, maybe they’ll consider expanding their resources for the international fans

its worth a shot!

its official, i have had to remove all luxury comedy from my page and until valentines day next year, i wont be able to upload ANY videos longer than 15 minutes so this has now affected my ability to upload buzzcocks.

i may move things over to vimeo, im less attached to that account but i dont know right now

i have no idea why this episode of them all, channel 4 decided to NOPE us all. i never put up the episodes prior to airing and always encourage folks to us 4oD if they can.  and I know that most if not all of us will be buying the DVDs whenever they come out.

so, I really dont know what their beef was NOW but… its out of my hands. sorry everyone. i guess you could always write to E4 and Channel 4 and ask them to make it more available outside the UK….

xx rikkisixx

Anonymous asked: Thanks for uploading luxcom! I saw that episode 3 got deleted :(. Is there somewhere else we can watch it? Thanks!!

at this time, the only other place is 4oD.

I have no idea why this has happened, and only why this episode and this may mean I will not be able to upload Buzzcocks, I haven’t acknowledged the warning yet, we will see.

if this is a full content strike to my account, I will have to remove LuxCom entirely from my account. 

again, I have no idea why this occurred, ive never had an issue with it before and why THIS particular episode was triggered idk.

sorry everyone

ooh hey, The Last Leg saved me the trouble and uploaded the full episode themselves! thanks guys!

better quality episode 1, enjoy

great news

ive already got episode two of luxcom AND its in even BETTER quality

however, its one thing for Channel 4/E4 to leak it early, i think i’d run into a mess of hot water if i tried to do the same SO i wont be posting it UNTIL its aired in the UK on thursday BUT know that this time, the wait afterwards won’t be NEARLY so long :)

should have it up later that same night!