its official, i have had to remove all luxury comedy from my page and until valentines day next year, i wont be able to upload ANY videos longer than 15 minutes so this has now affected my ability to upload buzzcocks.

i may move things over to vimeo, im less attached to that account but i dont know right now

i have no idea why this episode of them all, channel 4 decided to NOPE us all. i never put up the episodes prior to airing and always encourage folks to us 4oD if they can.  and I know that most if not all of us will be buying the DVDs whenever they come out.

so, I really dont know what their beef was NOW but… its out of my hands. sorry everyone. i guess you could always write to E4 and Channel 4 and ask them to make it more available outside the UK….

xx rikkisixx

You’re welcome Internet

lol it drives me nuts (not in a GRRR way but more of a haha way) when people comment on my buzzcocks videos and go “am i the only one who thinks noel is hot”

like… you just came to a pretty much noel-centric (or at least noel majority) youtube… to a video where most of the views and comments are from noel fans lol

and you wanna know if youre alone?

no my dear youtube fieldmice in traning

you are FAR from alone

there are legions of us

Buzzcocks Retrospective

A new 8-part series that looks back on 16 years of Never Mind the Buzzcocks will be airing in late spring.

Hosted by Blur’s Alex James, What A Load Of Buzzcocks, which will look back at musical history though Buzzcocks’ critical eye. James has appeared on the show in the past, and has said: “I’ve always been a big fan of the show and I’m looking forward to seeing some of the highlights from the past 16 years.”

Since it started the show has featured two permanent hosts (Mark Lamarr and Simon Amstell), a range of guest hosts, and five  team captains: Phill Jupitus, Sean Hughes, Bill Bailey and Noel Fielding.

Although the format of the spin-off show hasn’t been confirmed, we can assume that the Fielding era Buzzcocks will feature somewhere in the series.

the-fortune-telling-lady asked: Thank you!


and for those who are interested

this lists all the episodes + their hosts and guests (and which team they were on) for EVERY EPISODE OF BUZZCOCKS EVER. 


Finally, the finished Mousecat doll.

Probably soon available on my Etsy, along with other dolls and puppets. 

*sobbing and rocking back and forth*

Never Mind the Buzzcocks Series 26 Masterpost!



they said “If you do that, we’ll cut your hands off, and you’ll have hooks”


they said “If you do that, we’ll cut your hands off, and you’ll have hooks”


im just gonna be in here most of the night playing buzzcocks and chattin

join in if you like