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Anonymous asked: hey rikki. I'm SURE you get this all the time, but have you any idea where to buy the LuxCom tapes/Loose Tapestries in the US? I'm generally quite savvy with finding stuff like that, but I'm having a bad night and am getting quite frantic about little things like not being able to locate these goddamn tapes goddamn anywhere. goddamn.

They weren’t easy to acquire even when they were readily available, if it makes you feel any better.

To my knowledge, they weren’t ever properly released in the states. There were (are?) a couple sites that you could purchase the songs online from but they weren’t based in the US at all.

Adding to that, the only physical copies produced were 500 LPs sold in the UK only on Record Store Day. I got mine off of ebay, that’s the only reason I even have it.

Does anyone know if any websites still sell the songs for download?

Anonymous asked: What are your favourite kasabian songs?

Oooooh! Fun questions for Rikkehhhhh

1. Switchblade Smiles
2. Goodbye Kiss
3. Vlad the Impaler
4. Shoot the Runner
5. Club Foot
6. Processed Beats
7. Stuntman
8. Days Are Forgotten
9. Underdog
10. L.S.F. 

Noel + Sergio = Picspam!

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Anonymous asked: What was that last gif about airplanes from? (vid please)

The full interview starts here!


from George Takei’s facebook. 



from George Takei’s facebook. 


Anonymous asked: What bands does Noel listen to?

oh man, he’s into a lot of great music

lately, he has been promoting quite a big of The Howling (fronted by James Black from the King Tutta episode)

He also has mentioned his enjoyment of Brian Eno, Bryan Ferry, Roxy Music, the Rolling Stones, Parliament, Funkadelic, Jacques Brel, The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster, Syd Barrett, Chris Corner/IAMX, Razorlight, Primus, Rick James, Jack White, Robots in Disguise, The Cure, Gary Numan, Human League, KISS, Motorhead, Adam Ant, Frank Zappa, ABBA, New York Dolls, Iggy Pop/Stooges, Tangerine Dream, Moondog, !!!, Arthur Russell, Kate Bush, Mint Royale, The Kills, David Bowie, Jimi Hendrix, Suicide, Tame Impala, Parliament, Dead Weather, The Tubes, Velvet Underground/Lou Reed/Nico, Prince, The Who, T. Rex, Can, Cat Stevens, Alice Cooper, among many others that I can’t even think of right now. 

and the big obvious one, Kasabian

Anonymous asked: hey! do you have photos of noel hugging tom? please? n____n ps. love your blog! :)

still photos, eeeeh, kinnnnnnnda

But I do have a decent amount of GIFs of him hugging Tom AND Serge!