There is absolutely nothing to suggest that Noel or Rich or Julian or any of the boys are Satanists. 

Even if so, their chosen religion is none of our business, but as satanism is primarily an American phenomenon, used more to rebel against the extreme Christianity than to actually “worship” Satan, it seems quite unlikely that they would choose this particular organization.

Secondly, accusing someone of rape when you don’t personally know either the person you’re accusing nor the victim is not only wrong, it’s dangerous.  This person could face serious libel and slander for posting such things. 

My strong suggestion is to ignore the posts, if there was something REAL to be said, we would have it from the Boosh boys themselves or a reputable source like TVO or someone CLOSE to them.  Not some random blogger. 

Let me be extra clear, I am saying to IGNORE these posts, do not go after people talking about it with pitchforks, rude messages, or anything. Just keep scrolling, blacklist bloggers, whatever you need to do but do not give anymore fuel to an already flickering flame. 

Everyone be sure to swing by oldgreggsapplecrumblr's page today and tell her THANK YOU for the AWESOME Boosh Photo Challenge 

I think it’s fair to say that whether you were a participant or spectator, we had a BLAST doing that this month

A message to the followers of the blog and all the fieldmice. There might not be a thumbnail yet but it should work?


Havent been here ina while, but i want to apologise for a comment I made a long time ago. u might not even remember. i think i called you a drama queen once, and im sorry. i didnt know you were effected so much by anons, and i actually feel bad now. 1:/  its no excuse, but a few months ago my parents divorced and even though im older it really got to me and i was lashing out at people like crazy. no excuse, but that was a big part of it. again, im so sorry. please dont close down the blog.


Oh I remember. I remember every message I’ve ever gotten, bad or good. 

and I appreciate and accept your apology wholeheartedly but I am going to use this as an example in my upcoming post where I intend to address the issues at hand. 

Thank you for the message, and I’m really sorry to hear about your parents. 

I wish we could have banded the fieldmice together for you at that time, instead of what actually occurred. 

you know anon(s) who have been rude….

i dont know who you think you are that you can just feel okay with insulting someone

because we all know, if i did it to you, there would be hell to pay, so what makes it okay to do it to me

WHAT HAVE I DONE that is SO HORRIBLE that you think it is warranted to come in here and spit in my face?


so okay, you misinterpreted my post, we know that… but really, did I kill your pet? did I push your mum down a flight of stairs? 

what did i do that has you SO damn angry? tell me. cos i really have NO IDEA what on earth I could have possibly done to warrant so much HATRED, ANGER and VITRIOL from a total stranger. 

please. feel free to enlighten me. 

You’re welcome Internet


A fellow Booshlr wants to get a tattoo of one of the mod wolves

They are looking for artist Booshlrs to help design this

Who’s up for the challenge? If it’s you, contact tumblr user regretfulsymphony

kookybooty-deactivated20140325 asked: oh what a wondrous blog you do so dearly have! do you know of any fan fic involving noel/boosh?

i dont read fic myself, but Fieldmice…wanna help out?