Anonymous asked: I live in America. Where online can I buy the DVD for LuxCom season 1?

as of now the only place the dvd has been released is in Australia and the UK.  If you have an all region player, like myself, you can get it on or

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Anonymous asked: OMG NOOOOO!! you're the only way I can watch buzzcocks and LuxCom coz I live in Australia! That's totally unfair!

i agree. but its not my call. email e4 and channel 4 and let them know youre disappointed and ask them to make it available overseas somehow. at this point, thats our best option, let them know how popular it IS overseas so they can see its worth their time to make it more avaiable.

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Anonymous asked: Thanks for uploading luxcom! I saw that episode 3 got deleted :(. Is there somewhere else we can watch it? Thanks!!

at this time, the only other place is 4oD.

I have no idea why this has happened, and only why this episode and this may mean I will not be able to upload Buzzcocks, I haven’t acknowledged the warning yet, we will see.

if this is a full content strike to my account, I will have to remove LuxCom entirely from my account. 

again, I have no idea why this occurred, ive never had an issue with it before and why THIS particular episode was triggered idk.

sorry everyone

Anonymous asked: Thank you so much for uploading the 1st episode from season 2 of Luxury Comedy! My only option was the channel 4 website (but those ads drive me crazy) youtube is so much better! Also, I'm from Brazil and almost nobody here knows anything about this show (or The Mighty Boosh, for that matter) so I visit your blog almost everyday and... anyway, I'm babbling, what I mean is: thank you again specially for keeping this blog active. Bye!

youre welcome love!

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Anonymous asked: Hi! Are there any Chris Corner - Noel Fielding fanfics?? Gosh, I want that so bad.

Oh sorry darling, I have no idea, I don’t read fic

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Anonymous asked: There was once an NMTB episode where AMy Childs says that she can't say anything bad about Justin Bieber and Noel says ''try, it's pretty easy''. I was wondering if there has been a gifset done of this or if someone could make it? (i think the episode was s25 e6)

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Anonymous asked: I looooooooooove the bromance between Chris Corner and Noel <3

Aw I do too, I wish we had more of it these days. 

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Anonymous asked: I love your blog, but not as the other ones who love your blog, I'm special... I love it even more :3 Hugs

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Anonymous asked: •Fielding Confession: The first time I saw Noel I was shocked by his lips. -Indigo Anon

ummm… this isn’t a confessional blog?

Anonymous asked: I love Henry Tremain But probably not as I fu**ing love Noel.