Anonymous asked: I'm not saying all anons are trolls -- some may not have noticed that "s", or the fact that Noel never mentions Tumblr, or bothered to read your post(s), or may just be twits -- but I'm pretty sure at least that last one was trying to peeve you after you said you weren't Noel. Because even the dim-witted and Tumblr noobs realize you can't PM on anon. Right?

idk. it felt like i was being a bit baited but someone else said they think it was a joke, but if it was a joke, it was missing LOLs and hahas that would have indicated the humour. 

ive def gotten messages intended for noel before but not back to back like that.

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Anonymous asked: So hey noel, this is a private message between you and me. I was wondering if you had a girlfriend because I am a pretty single woman and you are very handsome :)

yea, i wasnt noel an hour ago when i answered the last post (literally, the top post on this page) and i have not since magically transformed INTO noel.

but noel does have a girlfriend. 

also anonymous messages can not be answered privately soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

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Anonymous asked: Im a huge fan of yours ever since I stayed up to watch my dads copy of the mighty boosh, is there anyway I could get an autograph or a picture?

im not noel. 

but you can definitely write to noel here and if you include an SASE, you should get something back

Noel Fielding
PBJ Management
22 Rathbone Street
London, W1T 1LA

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Anonymous asked: has luxury comedy 2 started? or when does it start?

it starts 31st July but the first episode is already available on 4oD

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Anonymous asked: How can you watch in on channel 4's on demand if you're in the United States?

"Many are using the browser extension Hola! to help them view it."

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Anonymous asked: Where can we watch luxcom 2... I keep waiting but I see nothing on your YouTube :/

4oD already has the first episode posted.  Many are using the browser extension Hola! to help them view it.

I have been trying very hard to get a download for my youtube but haven’t had any luck yet by myself or from anyone else. Sorry love. I am trying. 

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Anonymous asked: Where is that gif set of Noel and Julian from????


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Anonymous asked: Will you give credit to the person who sends it to you? Seems like you don't.

Geez, that’s pretty hostile.  Since all the previous episodes were gathered by myself, I didn’t credit myself as finding them, no.  But if someone were to get the video and wanted me to include their username/name in the body of the youtube or tumblr post, I dont see any reason why I wouldnt do that. 

but I am a little offended that of all people, you would say it seems like I wouldnt give someone credit.

Seems like you don’t know me very well. 

Anonymous asked: happy birthday my beautiful friend :)

thank you x

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Anonymous asked: Happy Birthday! You are an amazing, humourous, fantastic human being!

thank you x

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