Anonymous asked: noel fielding is 50% cat 60% horse 40% banana he is 150% ?

at least… don’t forget, he’s also half man, half goth and half crow made of fudge and rainbows.

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Anonymous asked: Do you like his new hair? :)

I do yea. I usually prefer darker, but I think it looks really good this time. He had someone who knew what they were doing :)

I wonder if when his roots start coming in, if he’s going to keep it up or just do some crazy colours again for a bit or just go back to black…

Noel’s hair is always a source of entertainment :)

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Anonymous asked: Am I the only one that thinks noel doesn't look how he used to? I love him so so much but it makes me sad... :(

well, it has been a decade since Boosh started airing. Doesn’t make me sad, but rather happy. 

Having grown up losing the idols I loved like Kurt Cobain and Shannon Hoon, it is nice to have Noel continue to be with us, give us all this amazing art and comedy and even though he looks different, he still gives us one hot 40 year old to oogle. 

(not to mention, noel like bowie before him, is ever changing his looks so there isnt really much of a normal noel look IMO)

Anonymous asked: Good grief, Noel looks like a Scandinavian model with that hair!!

all he needs now is his blue steel face!

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Anonymous asked: Do they live near each other? and I heard that they meet up once a week but do you know if it's true that they're still in contact? Xx

i believe so. julian has talked about being able to see Noel’s living room from his balcony or vice versa. 

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Anonymous asked: Do you know why Noel and Julian don't follow each other on twitter? They both follow mutuals like Dave Brown, Rich Fulcher, etc. but not each other?? :(

i imagine its probably because they dont need to read what the other is doing since they can look across the alley and see what the other is doing any time they fancy ;)

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Anonymous asked: Do you know if there is a video for /post/82488633463?? Thanks!!

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Anonymous asked: you are beautiful and amazing and extremely talented and I hope something truly wonderful happens soon that makes your day!

thanks nonny

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Anonymous asked: Oh god, where was that gif with Noel saying he loves everyone from? Thanks for all the stuff you answer Btw. You are incredibly rock n roll

its from Come On Eileen. 

If you can in the future, please include the post number 

That post was almost 10 pages back, took forever to figure out what you were referring to

thanks xx

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Anonymous asked: The gif you just reblogged where noel has a heart painted on his beautiful cheek and it's black and white/sepia, where is it from?

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