jonesiantojones asked: hello love, was wondering if you had a link to the video for "jesus weekend" gif set?

it looks like its one of the ones youtube doesnt allow

its a bonus video from the dvds called boosh night live

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Hi. A long time ago on your blog, an anon submitted a post talking about an unhealthy obsession she has/had ((I’m not sure if she ever got over it)), with Noel. From the moment I read her post I thought “Oh my god…I can relate completely. How embarrassing”. :O  At the time I was too embarrassed to admit I had a problem, but I was staying up all night, not eating, and exhibiting irrational behavior that wasn’t like me at all. I was just so messed up, delusional, and downright obsessed at the time that I would just look at photos over, and over, and over until it was 6 am. I blew off friends and ignored my family, just crazy stuff. It almost made me lose sight of who I was and I ended up losing my job because I stopped going to work. What I’m getting at is if you have an obsession or feel that you are deeply in love with a famous person, make sure your head stays on planet earth and you assess the situation if you start neglecting your health or doing things that aren’t like you. Hopefully no one else here is quite as obsessed as I was…it was pretty pathetic. I’m finally to a point where I appreciate and enjoy the fandom for what it is, and don’t obsess anymore. :) Just thought I would share in the event someone is currently going through a time I was.


a good point nonny.  your love for a celeb (or anyone really) should never come at a detriment to your own well being. 

it’s important to find the balance between head in the clouds and feet on the ground so you can enjoy the things you love without losing the things that matter.  

Real Talk; Gather ‘Round.


I feel like this shouldn’t even need saying, so I’m only gonna say this once and be done with it. And I’m gonna try to be nice about this, but I ain’t makin’ any promises.

Okay? Here we go.

Some of us Booshlrs like to participate in polite discourse about the many different layers of meaning we find in the over-all plot arc of The Mighty Boosh. I could get into how this type of discussion ain’t anything new, how stories are fucking important to us as a species, how the psychology of storytelling is important—but those facts ain’t gonna have an impact on some of you.

And that is perfectly fine. That is valid. No one is trying to force you into believing the Boosh is anything more than a comedy show.

I’m not trying to say the way you view a show (any show) makes up an integral part of who you are as a human, that if you don’t participate in these discussions, you’re somehow lesser than, or silly, or childish. 

What is childish, though, is sticking your nose into these discussions to tell people you think they’re stupid or reading too much into a comedy show when literally nobody asked you to participate in this discussion. Seriously. Why? Real talk—why is this something you feel you need to do? You not gettin’ enough attention? Did someone not hug you enough during your formative years? Why are you shitting all over everyone’s good time to make a statement that’s got fuckall to do with the discussion at hand.

The bank is closed, baby—you can’t deposit your two cents.

I ain’t trying to say you shouldn’t voice your opinion. I wouldn’t dream of that. I’m just trying to say perhaps you should take a step back and ask yourself why you feel as though you should reblog a discussion to basically insult everyone who is participating in that discussion.

That shit is childish in the worst way possible, and if you feel compelled to do that shit, I’m gonna have to encourage you to sit your ass back down at the children’s table, ‘cause the grownups are tryin’ to talk.

This is one of the best fandoms I’ve ever been a part of, because of all the freedom we seem to have to be silly. Why not allow for some serious discussion to take place along side the silliness? Because I can assure you, there is room for both.

As I said before, we ain’t trying to get you to join in on these discussions, so please don’t be barging in tryin’ to stomp this discourse out like that shit might turn into a fire and you think you’re Smoky the Bear or some shit. 

I know I can’t be the only one who feels this way, and if I did think that, I wouldn’t be saying this. I don’t know. Maybe I’m only saying all this because it’s been a really stressful month for me. Maybe I’m saying it because it needs said and I’m currently the only one with enough chutzpah to tackle this shit right now. I don’t know.

I’m saying if you think these discussions are stupid, don’t drag your own ass into them.

That’s all.


posting more WIPs and spoiling surprise, but whatever, I could always use more feedback…

I was listening to Nirvana’s I Hate Myself and I Want to Die the other day, and there’s this part that says "Most people don’t realize that large pieces of coral, which have been painted brown and attached to the skull by common wood screws, can make a child look like a deer."

Somehow I felt like it’s an appropriate thing to draw, so I doodled this:


It’s early days and I’ll redraw it multiple times, I’ll probably draw the final version as I drew the Oscar here, or maybe try some watercolours… and if it turns out nice I might put it on t-shirts… what do you reckon?



Anonymous asked: Good grief, Noel looks like a Scandinavian model with that hair!!

all he needs now is his blue steel face!

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"i thought you all burnt down with the rest of the show?"
“we are figments of your imagination. you survived, therefore we survived.”


Noel’s new twitter picture.




Noel’s new twitter picture.


The glamour of backstage standup #standup #comedy #vip #backstage #noelfielding #comedian (via joe lynn)

The glamour of backstage standup #standup #comedy #vip #backstage #noelfielding #comedian (via joe lynn)