Remember Sam’s amazing portrait of Noel and Dave?

Now it’s available to buy prints!


Luxury Comedy- Behind the Scenes Part 4 (x)


Luxury Comedy- Behind the Scenes Part 5 (x)



The others from the post-Luxury Comedy viewing party.

Made even more special by heartrachel's tags:

#look at the drunk baby

#he managed two buttons on that shirt

#neither matching the corresponding buttonholes



Wahoo, someone put episode 4 up on YouTube. Enjoy before it gets taken down.

good luck to him. :\

Anonymous asked: hello!! i really need to find this gif set where there are 2 goths on the street and they are asking each other what they should do and i think one of them says "we are goths we just sit and scare people" or sth like that. im not sure if one on them was noel fielding but i suppose so. im going mad if i cannot find it. ive been searching for hours!! :D thanks in advance.

i think this is what youre talking about

but noel has no part in it, just robert webb and matt holness

couldnt find a gifset offhand but its from a show called bruiser (let me caution you now there is apparently a porn star with the name bruiser as well so hunting for that gifset on tumblr… make sure no parents or teachers or coworkers are around)